Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

About the Website

This website is a service provided to users allowing them to review apartments and properties in Australia. The owner of this website assumes that the information provided in the user profile is available in the public domain, and it does not pose safety threat to the person creating the profile. The information is used to give ratings and evaluate a variety of apartments on the website. Using the profile, a user can:

• Create a personal profile or a profile of the property;
• Review relevant property ratings and ratings given by other users;
• Provide feedback and answer questions about the property by interacting with other users;
• Discuss various aspects of the property to improve services;
• Lawfully access any data in public domain, which is shared by other users.

The website is owned and managed by Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd, which is in charge of providing user access to the visitor. As such, the use and access to the website is at the sole discretion of Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd. In addition, the management of the website does not take any liability for unlawful activity of the user including any harmful intentions of the user relating to the website and other users of the website. By using the website, a user willingly accepts that they have thoroughly read and understood terms and conditions on this page. The terms of usage are also legally binding to visitors and anyone who browses the website but does not create a user profile. The terms, conditions, and privacy policy mentioned in this section are legally binding; therefore, you should stop using the website if a disagreement arises. It also means that users, who disagree, should either cease browsing or contact the management for further clarification.

Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd reserves the right to change and amend terms of usage, anytime. However, the webmaster, who manages this website, will ensure that reasonable efforts are made to inform the users of the website about any changes in T&C, where T&C refers to terms & conditions. It should also be noted that the webmaster is not liable to inform users of minor changes and edits, which are deemed not to impact the general usage of the website. Any changes to T&C will take effect immediately. After the signup, webmaster will provide an electronic copy to the user for their records; however, it is the sole responsibility of the user to abide by the terms of the website. Any edit to the original T&C also assumes that user is aware of the fair use of the website. Therefore, it is highly recommended that users check the terms and conditions from time to time and make copies of T&C for their records.


In an effort to facilitate users in understanding different terms used here, a list of words and their potential meanings are given as under:

Member means anyone who has subscribed to the website;
Profiled User means the owner or the manager of the property, apartment, and home builder, who uses the website to interact with the general public, and answer their relevant concerns;
Profile means any profile that is created by the Profiled User to access the website;
Profile User Services refers to services such as:
• Creating a personal profile or a profile of the property;
• Reviewing relevant property ratings and ratings given by other users;
• Providing feedback and answer questions about the property by interacting with other users;
• Discussing various aspects of the property to improve services;
• Lawfully accessing any data in public domain shared by other users.

Rating system means a system and the portal used to rate and review different apartments and properties on this website;
Refund means a refund policy to compensate users and members of this website;
Services refer to any kind of service offered to user;
Subscription fee refers to the service charges collected from the users and members of the website to access paid section of the website, which includes accessing the website to review the property;
Terms mean terms and conditions;
Company means Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd;
Users mean anyone who uses the website to review, rate, or discuss a property listed on this website;
User Services means the service offered by the website to evaluate, rate, and discuss the performance of the Profiled User;
Webmaster means the one who manages the website;
Website means  www.apartmentreview.com.au and any of its subsidiaries;

Acceptance of Terms is an act where anyone using the website agrees to use the services offered by Apartment Reviews Pty Ltd. The service can either be unpaid or paid. The acceptance of terms can also be agreed by clicking on any “terms and conditions” option provided by the company, which may include clicking the relevant button or selecting a check box on Apartment Reviews Pty Ltd website.

Registration to Use the Service

Visitors are required to register an account, which facilitates users to access user services such as providing apartment ratings and interacting with the community of users on the website. For registration purposes, users are asked to give personal information that includes name, date of birth, email, and password, among other data deemed useful for providing the service on this website.

It is the responsibility of the user to provide accurate and factual information to Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd. Once the registration is complete, user becomes a member of the website, which means that user is bound by the terms of the website. The webmaster and the management of Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd do not force anyone to register and become a member. Accordingly, anyone can opt out of the registration process or Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd may void the registration if:

• The user is under 18 years;
• The user is barred from receiving the type of service/s offered by Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd under the Australian law or the law of a country where user resides.

Service Fee (Subscription)

Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd. charges a service fee to access the data, interact with the community of users, and give ratings. If the user selects recurring automatic charges to be deducted from their credit cards, the company has the right to charge the credit card and debit card on an annual basis.

Once the user has registered for an account by providing basic information, they may purchase subscription to gain access to the “rating system”. In addition to the basic information outlined, potential subscribers may be asked to provide the following additional information:

• A designated contact number where the user can be reached, if required;
• A mailing address or the address of the business entity, where users can receive mail from Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd or its affiliates;
• A primary telephone number where users can be contacted;
• A password, which is only known to the user.

The user may be required to create multiple profiles to access the system. It means that the user is asked to provide personal data at any number of stages, which can include steps such as registering an account, subscribing to the system, and creating a personal profile. The updated profile may delete any previous profile maintained by the user; therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to keep their profile updates at all times. Such information may vary, depending on the profile. Accordingly, profiled users may be asked to provide the following information:

• A designated contact number where the user can be reached, if required;
• A mailing address or the address of the business entity, where users can receive mail from Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd or its affiliates;
• Details of the property;
• Logo, trademarks, pictures.

It is the responsibility of Profiled User to provide accurate and factual information, which is not misleading. In addition, Profiled User must also keep information up-to-date because Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd will not take any responsibility for outdated information provided by any of its users, including Profiled User.

From time to time, Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd can offer a free trial period to a user. If such an offer is provided, the company retains the right to cancel or extend the trial offer anytime without informing the user. These terms and conditions are also legally binding to the trial offer, unless otherwise stated.

Ratings and Reviews

The rating system is described as an aggregate of all the ratings provided by the user of the website. As such, this website allows users to discuss and review the services of Profiled User. By doing so, users allow other users an opportunity to evaluate the service provided by the Profiled User. Based on individual reviews of the user, ratings are automatically calculated based on a pre-defined rating system. Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd takes no responsibility of the rating given to the Profiled User by users of the website. However, the company retains the right to remove or edit a user rating, if such rating is based on ill-intention.

Users acknowledge that the rating system is a service provided by the company to facilitate users in making a decision to enter into a contract with the Profiled User. Therefore, Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd cannot be held liable for the opinion of the third-party. Users must also understand that every Profiled User has the option to challenge the rating. If a Profiled User feels that a particular rating is unwarranted, they have the right to ask for a removal of such rating. The “removal request form” is for the purpose of challenging such reviews. Once filled, the webmaster will review the charge and take action accordingly. The final decision of the management of Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd to either retain or remove the rating is binding to both the User and Profiled User. Similarly, the User must retain any evidence, which can prove the legitimacy of a particular rating. As such, the user should retain such evidence for seven years as they may be asked to produce evidence.

Member Code of Conduct

Members of the website are required to adhere to the following rules:

• The Profiled User will only be represented by an official or a contractor of the property. An agent, contractor, employee, distributor, or any authorized individual can manage the profile of a profiled user;
• Services offered by Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd are subject to:
1. Terms described in this section
2. Any law or generally accepted guideline in the relevant jurisdiction
• Members are liable to protect their passwords from misuse. Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd will not take any responsibility for the misuse of password. Use of password for wrongful purpose will cancel the membership;
• Members are fully responsible to inform the webmaster of any breach in security or misuse of the password and email. They also acknowledge that Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd will try its best to respond to the query in a timely manner; however, webmaster cannot be held liable for any delays in contacting Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd;
• Members of the website will not authorize anyone to use the services nor transfer the subscription to other members;
• Members will not use the website for any commercial activity unless they get a prior written approval from the management to conduct such commercial activities;
• The website will not be used for any harmful activity that may include the use of website for collecting emails or personal profile of members. In addition, any linking activity or hacking attempt, without the permission of webmaster, which may harm or slow the website speed is not permitted;
• Members are not allowed to use the website for their own commercial gains. Any type of affiliate links, advertisement, and solicitation is strictly prohibited. Use of such practices gives the right to Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd to cancel the membership and retain any unused portion of the subscription fee;
• Members also acknowledge that use of this website, other than the sole reason of reviewing apartments and properties is strictly prohibited. It means that no one is allowed to copy any content from the website without permission. Likewise, use of automated software and aggregator is not allowed. Members must also understand that the service is provided to offer unbiased advice to users; therefore, Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd cannot be held responsible for tempering with user rating. The webmaster discourages anyone to engage other members with the intention to malign or disrespect users. If a user feels that they are being mistreated by other users, they must file a complaint against such behaviour without engaging other members themselves. Accordingly, notifying the management regarding misconduct is the duty of all members.

Payment and Refund Policy

Members will pay a subscription fee to access premium content on the website. The mode of payment depends on the discretion of webmaster. The payment confirms that the member has read and understood T&C, privacy policy, and related documentation. If Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd is unable to provide premium services, members have the right to request a refund fee. The refund will be provided at the discretion of the management. In addition, members will be offered partial refund that will be proportional to the unused amount of the subscription fees.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

This website, its content, and the services provided to the customer are protected by copyright. It also means that any material on the website, including apartment reviews and apartment ratings, is legally protected under the relevant Australian laws and pertinent international treaties. Unless otherwise stated, the entire content of the website including, but not limited to, text, trademarks, buttons, videos, code, design elements, and scripts are considered intellectual property of Apartment Reviews Pty. Ltd. Anyone found using the intellectual property or breaching copyright protection without prior consent of the company, is liable to pay for such damages. The services offered by the website also fall under the copyright and intellectual property laws, which mean that unlawful use of the services is also considered a breach of rights.

All trademarks, service marks, trade names and names associated with the company are protected by law. Becoming a member means that Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. has granted a temporary irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use the intellectual property and relevant copyright material to:

• Use the website according to the terms and conditions described here;
• Copy and store the contents of this website in the cache memory of an electronic device;
• Print content from the website for personal and commercial purposes under the fair use policy of online content as directed by the Australian government.

Any kind of membership offered by Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. does not offer right to its members to use the intellectual property, trademarks, and content as their own. As such, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and related materials cannot be transferred to a third-party. During the active phase of the membership, each member will treat material on the website fairly. Fair use of the membership also means that:

• Business name, patents, domain name, and registered design are not transferable to any other person or legal entity by any means;
• Members are responsible for using business name, patents, domain name, and registered design according to the Internet laws of Australia including international and local laws in their respective jurisdictions;
• Members will not adapt or modify anything relating to a process, system, patent, and registered design during, and after the tenure of their membership.

Without prior written permission of the management, members and users are not allowed to broadcast, publish post, distribute, adapt, or modify intellectual property and relevant material. Content and material in the public domain in the public domain, even if such materials and objects are owned by Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd, are exempt from gaining approval. On the other hand, any material, object, or content posted by users and members on the website automatically becomes the property of Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd.