Submission Guidelines

Review Guidelines

Here at Apartment Review, we are dedicated to providing a neutral platform for users to share their views on apartments across Australia. We provide an unbiased and completely neutral platform for users to submit reviews and we do not prioritise any listing over another. This provides a reliable resource for prospective residents to gain a better insight into apartments throughout Australia.

We do not alter or amend reviews in any way; however, all reviews are screened before publishing. The purpose of the screening is to ensure the review meets the criteria established in our Review Guidelines.

Below are the guidelines for users and property managers to follow when commenting on the Apartment Review website. Please note that the review guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please read carefully as we reserve the right to remove reviews if we feel there is a breach of guidelines.

Acceptable Reviews

Apartment Review accepts both positive and negative reviews and comments, as long as they are presented in an be honest, authentic manner and written by someone who has had first-hand experience with the apartment being reviewed.

Ideal reviews are ones that are helpful, informative, and objective. Providing as much detail and supporting information as possible is encouraged and will make it more likely for a review to be accepted.
Review comments should be written clearly and coherently, using accurate grammar and spelling.

Rejectable Reviews

Our team of moderators are experts in identifying fake reviews. Any reviews submitted that contain any of the following will be subject to rejection for non-compliance with the Apartment Review guidelines.

Reviews that contain:

  • Offensive language or profanity – this includes acronyms or misspelling, but where the meaning is obvious.
  • Intolerance – including vilification of other people’s culture, beliefs, race, religion, gender, or physical or mental condition.
  • Personal information – any comments that include identifiable information like an individual’s full name or contact details, including staff of the property.
  • Second-hand experiences – any review that is not a specific first-hand experience (i.e. a tenant or landlord that has lived in the apartment being reviewed), and rather is a second-hand experience (i.e. based on rumour or that of a friend/partner, etc.) will be rejected.
  • Marketing speak – which are reviews that are written in overly positive writing style. Apartment Review reserves the right to decide what is considered marketing speak.
  • Incentives – we do not accept reviews that are submitted with kickbacks, rewards, or incentives for reviews. This includes any review where the reviewer is affiliated with the apartment in any way, i.e. property managers, past and present employees of the apartment, family and friends of employees.
  • Advertising – any comments that include advertising, which means viral advertising, promotions, spam, etc. including external links to irrelevant or offensive websites.
  • Plagiarism – reviews that are a direct copy of other reviews or reviews with repeated information.
  • Non-English language – we will only accept reviews in English and that are legible. This includes any review that is in English and does not make sense.

The process for rejection entails the review submitter receiving an email from the Apartment Review team explaining the reasons for rejection, including which part(s) of the guidelines have been violated. Apartment Review’s decision is final, and we will not enter into further discussions about the matter.

Please note that Apartment Review will do our best to moderate and catch submissions before they are published; however, published reviews that do not meet the Review Guidelines may be removed at a subsequent date without notice. Again, Apartment Review’s decision is final, and we will not enter into further discussions about the matter.

Finally, if Apartment Review determines that a review is fabricated by a company we may take action such as submitting the case to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), who can and do fine companies for fake review submissions. The ACCC can issue an infringement notice where it has reasonable grounds to believe that a person has contravened certain consumer protection laws. For serious misconduct, the ACCC can seek court penalties. The maximum penalty is $220,000 for an individual and $1.1 million for a body corporate, per breach.

Manager Responses

At Apartment Review, Property Managers that have a valid subscription have the right to respond to any review for each of the properties that they administer. Manager responses are bound by the same guidelines as reviewers, as outlined above.

We encourage managers to respond to reviews in an amiable manner regardless of the positive or negative nature of the underlying review. Residents are free to share their views, which may be positive or negative. Managers should view user reviews as an opportunity to engage with their residents as well as learn how they can improve their offering. Constructive responses also demonstrate professionalism and a public willingness to engage to prospective residents.

Report Abuse

Apartment Review will do our best to moderate and catch submissions before they are published; however, if you feel a published review has breached our guidelines, please bring it to our attention by submitting the form on our Report Abuse page.