Property Managers

Property Managers

Apartment Review provides the most comprehensive list of apartment reviews in Australia. Discover the benefits of taking control of your properties, driving traffic to your current listings, and interacting with your reviews to maximise your property reputation.

Why Join?

  • Take control – during the sign up process property managers can select multiple apartments to administer.
  • Interact – ability to reply to all comments on your apartment page and interact with your reviews.
  • Update – administer your apartment pages with the ability to add features, photos, floor plans, Q&A’s, and more.
  • Notifications – automatic notifications when a new review is added to your apartment.
  • Current Listings – increase web traffic with links to your current rental/buy listings.
  • Featured – increase exposure by selecting a plan to have your apartment featured at the top of search results.

Managers FAQS

What is

Apartment Reviews is Australia’s largest resource for apartment reviews. Users can search, research, and review apartments across all major Australian cities, all in one place.

At Apartment Reviews, our team is dedicated to providing a neutral platform for users to share their views on apartments across Australia. We aim to facilitate and build the relationship between apartment owner/tenant and property manager by providing a platform for transparent interaction.

Is neutral?

Yes. provides an unbiased and completely neutral platform for users to submit reviews. Property Managers have the ability to reply to user review submissions.

We do not prioritise any listing over another; however, the best rated apartments (as reviewed by users), may be selected for the annual Apty Award. All apartments are eligible for the Apty Award.

We do not accept paid reviews.

Does alter submissions?

No. is a neutral platform that provides a place for apartment owners and renters to submit reviews. We do not alter or amend reviews in any way; however, all reviews are screened before publishing. The purpose of the screening is to ensure no defamatory or explicit language is contained in the review. Therefore, a review may be rejected based on the above reasons, but it will never be altered or amended. For more information, see our Submission Guidelines.

I’m a Property Manager, how do I sign up?

Property Managers can claim an apartment property or properties by navigating to the Manager Sign Up page. Here, property managers can manage existing listings and add a new apartment if it’s not already in our database. Property managers can select a subscription plan for managing their locations.

What are the benefits for a Property Manager?

Property managers get to take control of their properties with admin access. This provides the ability to upload photos, add features and amenities, include contact details, and provide questions and answers for your audience. In addition, managers can include links to current listings, so users can click through to your listings, increasing filling opportunities. Most importantly, managers get to interact and engage with users and prospective residents with the capability of replying to user reviews. This ensures managers can maximise their properties reputation and demonstrate customer engagement.

Receive notifications when a new review is submitted for your properties, so you can stay up to date with your pages.

Nothing beats a positive review and endorsement of your properties. And it’s free!  

Can I respond to a review?

Yes. Only property managers can respond to reviews of the properties they manage. Responses must comply with our Submission Guidelines.

What other services do you offer?

Property Managers can contact us about purchasing leads. We can provide a list of prospective residents searching for your properties. Navigate to our Contact page or email for more details.

Are Property Managers allowed to entice reviews with rewards/incentives?

We encourage property managers to pursue feedback from residents for reviews on Apartment Review; however, we do not endorse or encourage kickbacks, rewards, or incentives for reviews.

Offering enticements for completing reviews can lead to a biased review. Apartment Review manages reviews to prevent our users from being misled in compliance with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

We encourage users to inform us of any reward/incentive offerings by contacting us on our Report Abuse page, or by emailing