Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. respects privacy of its members, therefore any information shared by website visitors, including members and users of the website, will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Information using the website, its services, and registration process will not be shared unless users and members are informed, accordingly. 

General Disclaimer 

• Any type of warrantee, guarantee, promise, conditions, representations, not explicitly stated in Terms & Condition are excluded; and 
• Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. is not responsible for any damage and loss to the consumer resulting from the provision of website’s services, with the exception of a foreseeable loss that is clearly identifiable as intentional on part of the company and its management. Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. is not answerable for damage to goodwill or loss of opportunity arising from the services offered by the company and its website. 

Visitors and users of the website acknowledge that they will use of this website and any relevant information at their own risk. Everything mentioned on the website is “as is” and “as available” basis without any type of guarantees by the management of the website. None of the officers, affiliates, directors, employees, contractor, and other representatives make any implied representation or give guarantee regarding any products or warranties on the website. Any such implications will be considered void in the court of law. This includes, but not restricted to, any loss or damage to the person or an entity resulting from the implications of officers, affiliates, directors, employees, contractor, and other representatives. Such loss and damages may include: 

• Failure of performance, errors, omissions, delays in transmission, computer virus, network failure, and data loss; 
• Unlawful third-party contact leading to destruction, damages, alteration, and unlawful access to records; 
• The accuracy and suitability of any content or service provided by the company, which also includes its sponsors and advertisers; 
• Additional cost incurred by the user to access data and services on the website; 
• The content and operation of outbound and inbound links on the website; 
• A harmful, defamatory, threatening, and offensive content using the services and access provided by the management. 

Limitation of Liability 

Users and visitors understand that the website is also used by other parties; therefore, Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. does not take the responsibility of conduct by other members using the website. The website owners and representatives of the company are not to be blamed for a third-party conduct. 

By using the website, users will not hold the office bearers, contractors, affiliates, and any other representative of Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. liable for any damage to you due to the loss, unintentional usage, and consequential damages. These liabilities include direct and indirect damage to you by any means, and which is not limited to loss, loss of goodwill, and business reputation. 


The terms and condition addressed here binding to both parties e.g. Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. and the user. If the user wants to terminate the contract, following steps must be initiated: 

• You will inform Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. regarding your intention to terminate the contract at least 14 days prior to the proposed termination; 
• You will close your account for any services or subscription-based service before signing the termination document; 

The user can send termination notice by using the “Contact Us” link provided in the website. Alternatively, you also understand that Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. can terminate the contract with you anytime without any notice, if: 

(1) You have breached or you intend to breach any terms described in the T&C 
(2) Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. is required to terminate your contract by law 
(3) Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. is in the process of transition of services or it does not provide the services in your country or the country where the services are currently being used; or 
(4) The provision of the services is not commercially viable for Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. 

Subject to local and international laws, Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. has the right to review and end a membership without providing any notification if it becomes aware of a breach of a contract by the user. Such a termination may include denying partial or full access to the content and premium contents of the website. After the contract between the company and the user has expired, rights of both parties will continue indefinitely, applicable under the common law of Australia and other countries. The termination clause also applies to office bearers, contractors, affiliates and any other representatives of the company. 


By signing the contract, Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd., its office bearers, contractors, affiliates, and representatives are indemnified from and against any unintentional breach of the agreement. 

Dispute Resolution 

If a dispute arises between you and Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd., both parties agree that they will not initiate any tribunal or court processing unless following prior arrangements are made: 


To resolve a dispute, a written notice is necessary, which shall highlight the type of dispute, potential outcomes, and suggestions to resolve the issue. 


On receipt of the notice, the recipient must: 

• Try to negotiate, in good faith, within a week, using any means that is agreed by both parties. The process should be initiated on a priority basis using all available communication channels, as pertinent; 
• If the dispute is unresolved after 21 days of the notice, both parties should try to appoint a mediator to resolve the issue. If a consensus on a mediator is not reached, the next step would be to request Court and Tribunal Services to act as a mediator; 
• In reference to the mediator, both parties will equally incur any cost or fees associated with mediation; 
• All communications regarding the dispute resolution clause are to be treated as “confidential” by both parties; 
• After 30 days have elapsed since the start of the mediation, both parties have the right to ask mediator to end mediation, with mutual consensus. If, after the mediation has started, any party wants to end the mediation, it must wait for 30 days or end the mediation based on mutual agreement. 

Venue and Jurisdiction 

Although the business scope of the website is in Australia, it is understood that dispute can arise with a person or entity residing, or holding office, outside Australia. Despite the geographical scope, the user of the website and any dispute related to the website of Apartment Reviews Pty, Ltd. will be resolved by the courts of New South Wales. 


Members residing in Australia are required to pay GST. All the prices on this website are listed in, or are assumed, to be listed in Australian Dollars. All other members residing in their respective countries are liable for their own GST and related tax, according to the law of their respective jurisdictions. 

Governing Law 

The terms described here are governed by the laws of Australia, and its legal jurisdictions. Any claim, argument, dispute, and resolution due to these terms & conditions including the rights of individuals and entities will be interpreted by the laws of Australia. The validity of the terms is binding to successors and assigns, which means that these T&C are valid until the company cease to exist. 

Independent Legal Advice 

Signing these T&C is an acknowledgement that term and rules listed here abide by the Common Law of Australia. In addition, the signatory confirms that these terms are fair, and they have obtained legal advice before using the website. 


If the court of law decides that a part of the T&C is void, unenforceable, or ambiguous, that particular part will be severed. However, the remaining terms and condition will continue to be valid.