Apartment Covid Mask

How COVID is Changing Apartment Living

No. 1- Changes in Apartment Gathering Places   One of the very first things that many landlords and property managers did during the onset of COVID-19 is turn gathering places into multi-purpose spaces that people could be in and safely social distance.  For instance, lounges and other areas are now being repurposed for homeschooling and […]


Watch out for the Pitfalls in Apartments

The popularity in apartment living is growing in regional and country areas as many homebuyers look for more affordable options. But buyers and owners must understand the potential pitfalls, as well as the benefits. Australia has almost three million apartment owners, and many live in country and coastal areas. I’ve noticed a change in attitude […]

Coronavirus Protection in your Apartment Building

When you live in a public space like an apartment building or complex, protections from coronavirus become more communal. Precautions are no different than the steps you to take in your own home, but the difference is you don’t have control of everything that happens. If you’re concerned about your management’s preparation for coronavirus prevention, […]


How much should I spend on rent?

How do you work out how much rent you can afford? And what are the signs that you could be spreading your finances too thin? Housing is a significant cost for many and can be expensive whether you are a renter or a mortgage holder. The median rent across Australia is currently $446 per week […]

Am I Able to Keep my Pet in my Apartment?

Pet ownership is on the rise. More than 60% of Australian households own a pet and for some, these pets are considered a valued member of the family. The number of Australians living in apartments is also increasing. Considering over 2.2 million Australians live in apartments, many are wondering what the rules are regarding their eligibility to keep […]