Frequently Asked Questions

Apartment Review is Australia’s largest resource for apartment reviews. Users can search, research, and review apartments across all major Australian cities, all in one place.

At Apartment Review, our team is dedicated to providing a neutral platform for users to share their views on apartments across Australia. We aim to facilitate and build the relationship between apartment owner/tenant and property manager by providing a platform for transparent interaction.

To add a review users must navigate to an apartment listing page and select the ‘Write Review’ green button.

Search for an apartment listing directly from the home page or via the search link. Alternatively, select a city from the home page or Apartment links to start searching for apartments.

For more details about submitting a review see the Submit Review page.

Yes. Apartment owners and renters can write a review for free. There will never be a charge for users to submit an apartment review.

Yes. To write a review, search or navigate to an apartment listing page and select the green ‘Write Review’ button. If you haven’t previously signed up, you’ll be prompted to sign up when completing the review. Users can sign up quickly using Facebook or directly using an email address.

When a user submits a review they will also be asked to sign up. When signing up the user will be prompted for a username. The username will always be used as the name for a submitted review.

Yes. ApartmentReviews.com.au provides an unbiased and completely neutral platform for users to submit reviews. Property Managers have the ability to reply to user review submissions.

We do not prioritise any listing over another; however, the best rated apartments (as reviewed by users), may be selected for the annual Apty Award. All apartments are eligible for the Apty Award.

We do not accept paid reviews.

The average rating is a weighted calculation based on the rating categories. It allows us to weight a category with more importance and ensures a more logical comparison between apartment listings.

The following provides a breakdown of the category weightings:

Overall Rating 70%
Location 5%
Noise 5%
Security 5%
Amenities 5%
Parking 5%
Management 5%


Overall Rating 4
Location 4
Noise 3
Security 5
Amenities 5
Parking 4
Management 4

Avg. Score (4 x 70%) + (4 * 5%) + (3 * 5%) + (5 * 5%) + (3 * 5%) + (4 * 5%) + (4 * 5%) = 3.95

The Avg. Score is a calculated weighting based on each of the rating categories, including Overall Rating, Location, Noise, Security, Amenities, Parking, and Management. Users can not edit Avg. Score, but can edit the categories which will affect the Avg. Score.

The Overall Rating is a category that reviewers can manually select.

No. ApartmentReview.com.au is a neutral platform that provides a place for apartment owners and renters to submit reviews. We do not alter or amend reviews in any way; however, all reviews are screened before publishing. The purpose of the screening is to ensure no defamatory or explicit language is contained in the review. Therefore, a review may be rejected based on the above reasons, but it will never be altered or amended. For more information, see our Submission Guidelines.

Apartment Review manages reviews to prevent our users from being misled in compliance with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

ApartmentReview.com.au is Australia’s largest selection of apartment reviews; however, if your apartment is not in our list of current apartments, please feel free to add your apartment to the list, by navigating to Add Apartment. Once the apartment details are added and submitted, you will be able to add a review to the apartment.

If you feel a review violates the submission guidelines please navigate to the Report Abuse page to submit a complaint. Alternatively, there is a ‘Report’ link under each apartment review. The Apartment Review team will come back to you with a response within 48 hours.

Property Managers can claim an apartment property or properties by navigating to the Manager Sign Up page. Here, property managers can add individual apartments to control and add a new apartment if it’s not already in our database. Finally, property managers can select a subscription plan for managing their locations.

Yes. We have mobile apps for both Apple and Android. Click on the links to download the apps so you can search and review on the go!

For contact details, please navigate to our Contact page. Alternatively, feel free to email us at info@apartmentreview.com.au

If you believe a apartment has been listed in error or the apartment details are incorrect, please navigate to our
Contact page. Alternatively, feel free to email us at