How much should I spend on rent?

How do you work out how much rent you can afford? And what are the signs that you could be spreading your finances too thin? Housing is a significant cost for many and can be expensive whether you are a renter or a mortgage holder. The median rent across Australia is currently $446 per week […]

Am I Able to Keep my Pet in my Apartment?

Pet ownership is on the rise. More than 60% of Australian households own a pet and for some, these pets are considered a valued member of the family. The number of Australians living in apartments is also increasing. Considering over 2.2 million Australians live in apartments, many are wondering what the rules are regarding their eligibility to keep […]

Apartment Workstation

Styling Small Spaces: Top Hacks on Maximising your Pint-sized Apartment

  Forget the home among the gum trees with a high-maintenance big back yard. It’s now the compact abode with a small carbon footprint that’s leading the Australian dream home charge as lower-cost apartments close to a top café and the tiny house trend transform property wish lists. But when your living room’s your bedroom, […]

Brisbane Skyline

Brisbane’s Top 5 Most Liveable Suburbs

Leafy streets, easy access to public transport, parks and schools and economic stability have been combined to create Brisbane’s ultimate list of liveable suburbs, with five outstanding neighbourhoods in the Queensland capital scoring a perfect 10 on a recent report. According to the inaugural Domain Liveability Cities study – which was released late last year […]

Apartment Pets

How to Find Pet-Friendly Apartment Rentals in Brisbane

You’re looking to move apartments with your fur baby in tow, you find the perfect place that’s got a fabulous patio and a dog park nearby when all of a sudden you hit a major home hunting hurdle – the owner doesn’t allow pets. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Finding a pet-friendly place […]