Styling Small Spaces: Top Hacks on Maximising your Pint-sized Apartment

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Forget the home among the gum trees with a high-maintenance big back yard. It’s now the compact abode with a small carbon footprint that’s leading the Australian dream home charge as lower-cost apartments close to a top café and the tiny house trend transform property wish lists.

But when your living room’s your bedroom, your kitchen is standing space only and the balcony’s a slim, slither – maximising every nook, cranny and corner in your apartment is vital to make your small space sizzle.

From utilising your vertical space, to creating narrow but creative food and wine bars, to hanging greenery and wall storage from the walls, there are a host of top hacks to not only help you make the most out of your compact home, but ensure it look effortlessly chic in the process.


Apartment WorkstationApartment Workstation

Apartment WorkstationApartment Spacing


  1. Ditch space sapping cupboards and pantries for wall organisers and hooks on the back of doors. Need a place for your brooms and mops? Hang them from hooks on the back of doors. You can also make a funky mesh or pallet wall rack to hang pens, keys and other knick knacks that usual clutter up the living room coffee table and jazz it up with some plants in between.
  2. Opt for space saving fold out furniture, such as a desk and the dining table.  A cosy four-seater table that can extend to a six-seater, a shelf on hinges that can collapse into the wall our be pulled out to create a small desk and even a standing mirror that’s got an iron on the back are all excellent ways to keep the key furniture ingredients in your small apartment without cluttering it.
  3. Got a tiny patio or balcony but still want to sit out there with your morning cuppa or evening brew? Make use of the balcony railing and fashion or a stylish wooden shelf that can be placed over the rail with a small bar stool underneath it. Throw in a potted plant and some fairy lights and you’ve got a classy outdoor area.
  4. Maximise your tiny kitchen by embracing pots as art, hidden prep stations and even a rollaway island bench. Hang your pots and pans on funky hooks (this also makes them easy to access) and do the same with your coffee mugs. Got a drawer just for the pull-out bin? Great, pop a wooden cutting board on top with a hole (hello instant mess remover) and you’re not only saving space, but time. Getting an island bench on wheels with shelves underneath also provides a great space to prep, eat breakfast at and store non-perishables underneath while allowing you to easily wheel it to the side when it’s not in use.
  5. Bathroom boasting a tiny vanity that’s barely got space for your toothbrush. Use hooks (consider magnetic if you’re in a rental) and a hanging shelf to make the most of the walls and create a beautiful place to hang cosmetics, the hair dryer or even neatly stacked towels.

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