How to Find Pet-Friendly Apartment Rentals in Brisbane

Apartment Pets

Apartment Pets

You’re looking to move apartments with your fur baby in tow, you find the perfect place that’s got a fabulous patio and a dog park nearby when all of a sudden you hit a major home hunting hurdle – the owner doesn’t allow pets. Sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. Finding a pet-friendly place to hang your hat of an evening can be tough but with so many Aussies having a cat or dog as part of the family the good news is, the time’s they are slowly a changin’.

While roughly just 10 per cent of apartments across the state are pet friendly, the complete banning of all pets in a strata-title unit or apartment was recently ruled invalid by the Queensland Commissioner. This means if you’re having trouble finding a suitable place for you and your furry family member, you can gently remind the landlord of the rules (but more on that later).

So, bearing all that in mind, how do you find an apartment that’s perfect for every member of the family?

  1. Firstly, if you’re searching for your abode on, use the “pets considered” filter to whittle your search down. In March of 2020, a search for apartments and units across the Greater Brisbane area yielded 3023 results. With the pet-friendly filter applied, there were just 525 apartments up for grabs. They’re not great odds, but don’t forgot the recent ruling and your rights as a pet owner and tenant.
  2. Consider focusing your search on Brisbane’s inner-city suburbs. You’ll find the highest concentration of pet friendly apartments there and with new apartment complexes being thrown up almost every day in the city, those fur-baby-inclusive odds are only set to rise as more families ditch the bigger (time sucking) house for an apartment while still requiring space for the pooch or kitty.
  3. If the odds are too low and you’re still having trouble finding the perfect place for you and your pet, try approaching those that don’t allow pets while armed with the knowledge that you still have to be considered. Some real estate agents have revealed that a personalised application with additional cover letters and references will see you placed heads and shoulders above other potential tenants – so why not do the same for your pet?
  4. Include references from previous landlords that specifically mentioned your well-behaved pooch and even a reference from a neighbour to clarify that your fur-baby isn’t noisy. You can then list the measures you will take (cat scratching post, outstanding litter practices and the walking routine) to further strengthen your case.
  5. Consider introducing the landlord or realtor to your pet so they can get to know them and better still come to love them.

Finally, if you jump through every proverbial hoop you can think of to score the perfect abode but the body corporate still rejects your pet (after being warned that the commissioner (body corporate and community management) has ruled this unreasonable) your final option is to contact the commissioner on 1800 060 119 or visit

You can read the Body Corporate and Community Management document stating the legalities and rulings here.

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