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To help Australians find apartments they love.

About Apartment Review

Apartment Review is Australia’s largest resource for apartment reviews. Users can search, research, and review apartments across all major Australian cities, all in one place.

At Apartment Review, our team is dedicated to providing a neutral platform for users to share their views on apartments across Australia. We aim to facilitate and build the relationship between apartment owner/tenant and property manager by providing a platform for transparent interaction.

Reviews are approved before going live.

Reviews are never altered once submitted.

Managers can response to reviews.

Why Apartment Review?

Australia’s Largest selection of Apartment Reviews

Our growing database of apartments ensures we will always be Australia’s largest selection of apartment reviews on the web. Search for an apartment in your city to research or submit a review.

Can’t find your apartment? Feel free to add an apartment. Be sure to be the first to review it!

Easy to Use

Apartment Review has been built with the user in mind. Searching for a property is as simple as typing in your city or suburb into the search bar. Alternatively, users can navigate directly to the main cities to view apartments as a list or map. Once at an apartment page, users can research by checking the reviews or submit their own review with the click of a button.


Users can be sure that once their review has been submitted it will never be altered. While reviews are always approved before published, if approved, your review and comments will be online for the world to see. Apartment Review takes an unbiased position.

Property managers will always have the ability to respond to user comments, but they will not be able to remove a user’s review.

We Listen

Have a complaint or want to provide feedback? Feel free to contact us and we will respond immediately. At Apartment Review, we have provided a platform for users, and with the user experience in mind. We’d love to hear from you to see how we can improve our offering.